Bonus is one of the favorite things of the people. Bonuses can be of so many types, and they can be given with so many things around the world. Talking about the online casinos, it also provides so many bonuses to people. These bonuses boost people’s confidence as by using bonuses they can start playing games and check their performance, after that they can make big bets with their own money. There are so many websites and applications around the web which offer so many types of bonuses. People can use these bonuses and can start their games. There is an application named poker online; this website gives so many bonuses to people. Let’s discuss the types of bonuses that online casinos offer.

1.Welcome Bonus

This bonus is the bonus used for the welcoming of the clients in the online casino. When a person registers himself/herself with a particular website or application, there is a welcome bonus offered to him/her with which he/she can start playing games. The main benefit of this bonus is that a person can experience the game without investing his/her own money, and he/she can check his/her fortune.

2.Deposit Bonus

Its name itself can understand the deposit bonus. The deposit bonus is provided at the time of depositing money to the client’s account on his/her own. This works as, suppose if a client deposits $40 to his/her account, a bonus amount of $20 is also added to his/her account by that application or website. This is known as the deposit bonus.

3.Regular Bonus

The regular bonus is the bonus that is provided to the client regularly, like weekly or monthly. This bonus is not transferred directly to the client’s account; it is transferred in some other ways. Like, in the form of prizes or the form of a certain amount or percentage of it like free spins, points, or tickets.


The online casino uses some little tactics to make their customers stay and play with them. Cashback is the perfect bonus offered to the clients. This works as the website or application returns the money which the client had lost in the game. Not the whole amount, but a small percentage of it, like 10%.

5.Draws and Lotteries

Besides all these bonuses, there are some other types of bonuses offered by online casinos to us. These can be n the form of rewards and prizes like household appliances, vehicles, technological devices, etc.; they can also be in the form of free spins on slots, ten bets on blackjack, and so on.


Online casinos proved so many types of bonuses, which people lack in the real casinos. If a person goes to the real casinos, then he/she will not be getting any of the bonuses, and he/she has to spend his/her own money to play games. Some bonuses discussed above are a welcome bonus, regular bonus, deposit bonus, cashback, draws, and lotteries. One should always go for online casinos if he/she wants good bonuses n gambling.



Murphy is an expert internet poker player & here to share with you his suggestions and tips that can help other people to make money on the internet.